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Simple Guide to Deck and Fence Staining

When staining a deck or fence, there are a few different options. Most stains are applied with brush or roller techniques. But you can also use a low-pressure pump-spray bottle to spray the stain on the surface. After the stain dries, work it in with a brush or roller. Here are some tips for staining your deck or fence. Listed below are some products you might want to consider.

Professional painters are experienced in both staining and painting wooden features. They take the time necessary to achieve the best results. This not only saves you time, but also money. In addition to power-washing tools and stains, they also have access to the best equipment. Hiring a professional painter means you won’t have to spend a lot of money on equipment or supplies. Professionals already have the right tools and products, and they’ll take great care of the job.

Deck and fence staining is an excellent way to protect wood from the elements. It also adds a nice touch to your home’s exterior while protecting it from the harmful effects of the elements. Since most decks and fences are made of wood, they may begin to look old and faded after a few years. Applying a stain to them will improve the overall appearance of your deck or fence. You can also increase the life of these features by staining them regularly.

Adding a protective coat to your wooden structures will give them a beautiful new look and increase the value of your home. If you are thinking about adding a deck to your home, you should consider hiring a professional painter. A painter with extensive experience and quality products will give your wooden structures an outstanding finish. Having a professional painter do the staining for you will give your wooden structures a fresh new look.

Whether you’re using a traditional stain or a semi-transparent one, you need to take the time to thoroughly clean and prepare your deck or fence. There are a number of factors that will affect the stain’s longevity, including the time of day it spends in sunlight, temperature changes, and foot traffic. For this reason, it is generally recommended that you re-stain your fence or deck every two or three years.

A professional Atlanta deck and fence staining contractor will use the best wood stains and sealers to protect your wood and fence. The key to a successful stain job is proper cleaning and application of a maintenance coat every few years. By taking these steps, you will ensure that your deck or fence remains beautiful and durable for a long time. If you have a stained deck or fence, give them a call. They will give you a free quote and provide you with a free estimate.

The complexity of your fence will also affect the time it will take to apply the stain. A flat stockade fence is simpler to stain than a shadowbox fence with upper lattice panels. On the other hand, a shadowbox fence that features upper lattice panels needs a more detailed brushwork to ensure the stain is evenly covered. Similarly, direct sunlight can cause the stain to dry faster. The sun’s rays can also damage untreated wood.

While most homeowners prefer to stain their own decks, they can choose to paint the fence or deck in a coordinating color. For a more sophisticated look, choose a lighter color or opt for a white stain that will reflect sunlight and keep the deck cooler in summer. If you have a wooden deck, you can choose to stain it white. The white stain will also keep the heat from radiating from the deck, keeping it comfortable and cool.

When staining a deck or fence, it is important to choose the right product for the job. Select a stain that will repel water, prevent mildew, and resist fading if the wood is subjected to heavy traffic. A water-based deck stain is more durable than an oil-based one, but will not hold color as long as an oil-based finish. Consider adding pigment to the stain to improve the wood texture.