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The Importance of Hiring a Professional Roof Installer

Whether you are planning to repair your roof or replace it altogether, you need the best professionals for the job. They have the knowledge, tools and experience that you won’t find in any YouTube video. They also have the expertise to complete the job safely and without damaging your home. Ultimately, hiring a professional will…

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How to Install a Solar Panel on the Roof

The most common place to install solar panels is on the roof. This location receives the most sunlight throughout the day and will save you money. A south-facing roof is best, but even an east or west-facing roof will work if you can clear off the trees or other obstructions that might prevent sunlight from…

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When Do You Need to Change Your Roof?

Heavy storms can damage the roof of your home. These can include rainstorms, ice storms, tornadoes, and derecho storms. The high winds can lift the shingles and cause them to crack, leading to leaks. In addition, debris from the windstorm can puncture the shingles, resulting in further damage. Before you schedule a roof replacement, consider…

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